Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our little magician!

Oct. 1st is the day that Singapore celebrates 'Children's Day'.... a time to celebrate our children... this is an International Holiday but I had never heard of it before. Most public schools are closed on this day so kids can stay home but Pierce's school decided to have a dress up party with lots of gifts and food. They asked if the kids could dress up in "fancy clothes"... well that is how they say costume here and we don't have any costumes that fit him... so we had to improvise for sure..

Here is our little magician (or ring master)..

This is him in action doing "abra cadabra"... check out the video...

There was a costume contest at school... and Pierce won #5th place... Alex his best buddy here was a pirate and he won #3rd place... I asked who won and his teacher did not know bc it was school wide contest...we will try harder next time.

Not sure what this little girl was but she is so cute... and here Pierce looks like a pimp with his gun... and speaking of guns... why did little boys learn how to make a gun symbol with their fingers... we correct him all the time for this (I do not like it at all)... he calls it "powing" and even if he does it and I am not around he comes to me and says "mama I powed"... then he gets in trouble but at least he tells me right... they just can't help but to be boys... I will have to talk to his teachers now that I see him doing it at school (his teachers took these pics so I had no idea)

Here we are practicing before we left for school this morning... I could just eat him up...


Melanie said...

Cool! I didn't know about it either til I walked past Harris today and saw the chaos!

Renee Westcott said...

I love the finger gun. I don't think you can stop it (the gun thing). I know one mom who tried and tried...she finally gave up when her son chewed his pbj sandwich in the shape of a gun!


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