Monday, October 5, 2009

BUSY BUSY BUSY... Day 1 con't.

Well you already saw our morning are you ready for our night... wow were we busy...

At one point of our afternoon and evening we stopped and realized that Uncle Chris had been on a plane, taxi, subway and bus all within 24 hours... He is such a trooper and keeps going... we are having a blast.

After Pierce woke up from his nap on Sat. we headed to West Coast Park... and to our surprise there was a children's festival going on... I joked with Chris saying that he came all this way to watch Pierce ride rides... we we originally went to see the water, boats, and park but once Pierce saw the rides... it was history... so off we went.

Here is a great pic of all the kites.

Riding Rides...

Then right before Dinner time Cena came to pick up Pierce and take him home and Chris and I were off to China Town for some dinner and to celebrate the Autumn Lantern Festival.
We had a great dinner in Chinatown and then a friend of mine (and her sister-n-law) met up with us to tour China Town and Little India.
We were walking through China Town and we did not notice anyone with lanterns and then we heard some music and headed towards the sound and then we saw this... a huge parade of people and lanterns...

I had to take a picture of Chris trying to make his way through the mob of people...he does not look very happy... but I can reassure you he is happy to be here... even with the masses of people.

Then we decided to join the parade with some lanterns (thanks Jenn for letting us borrow yours).

After that we hoped on the Subway and headed to Little India where they were celebrating the Depavali Festival... more lights... more people... and lots more celebration.

Here is a market that happens only during this time... have you ever seen so much color?
What a great 1st day... wow... so busy... Chris stayed up until 10:30 (rock star), we all passed out and got rest for the 2nd day... which was needed bc it was another busy packed day...


Renee Westcott said...

I love that you just happened upon two really fun things in one day! That never happens in Houston.

Melanie said...

Looks like a blast! Wish we had time for the lantern festival...but thank you for sharing all of the wonderful pictures.


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