Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off to Thailand... wow what a great place!

Late Tuesday night we got to the airport and had to check out all the planes along our way to our terminal... This was Pierce first airplane flight after being potty trained... did not think about how a small bladder child might have to use the restroom when the seat belt sign is on and just drank a whole thing of juice so his ears would not pop on the way up and the way down... wow we had a close call but we did ok... (p.s. I brought diapers for the way home just in case).
Going through immigration to leave Singapore.

Pierce is addicted to the iPhone... see here Chris is keeping a close eye on him so Pierce won't delete anymore pics and applications (he has a bad habit of doing that) :-).
We landed in Koh Samui... Pierce very happy to be out of the airplane.... they can't wait to get inside and then they can't wait to get out... go figure???

Here are some pics our lovely resort in Koh Samui the Chaweng Resort on Chaweng Beach.
Chaweng beach is the most popular and most beautiful beach in Koh Samui or at least that is what the lady at the airport told us.
Every morning we were greeted by this sweet lady that played some music for us.

We did not have a villa outside (bc they were don't some renovating and I was worried that it would be to loud) but they sure were cute... maybe next time.

Places of worship outside the hotel... not sure what the stairs were for since the whole thing was a little taller than my head...

Here is Chris' room... he took some pics with his iPhone.. totally forgot to do that...

Our lovely pathway every morning to the beach, breakfast and the pools... someday my backyard will look like this.

The adult pool.

The kid friendly pool... all of the pools were salt water (nothing more potent than your tears).

Here is our view from our breakfast table...not to bad.


Melanie said...

OK, I wanna go! Looks so beautiful and serene!

Leone said...

Camille.... I have booked to go to "Elements" at Koh Samui in February:

What flight did you take and was it direct from Changi to KS?


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