Sunday, March 30, 2014

School fun in Nov 2013

Here are some pics of all the fun Pierce had in school during November.  They were studying buildings and had some school trips, crazy hair day, lots of writing, and trying to build things out of random materials.  Don't you want to go to school here?
Pierce with his friend Alex at crazy hair day... now that is a one mean Mohawk.

And he ended up winning out of his class... he thought he was so cool he had to take his blow up guitar.
They even did a little performance for some Korean schools.

We had so much fun reading Pierce's school work this term... we thought we would share.  Read below what Pierce wrote about his dad... he cook very well but only cooks nachos.  So cute.

There is so much truth to this next picture.

So according to Pierce at the age of 6 he says that he was able to punch as a baby, can now play football (aka soccer) and hopes to be a fire fighter and a safety man when he grows up.

One day the children were handed spaghetti noodles and marshmallows and told to build a building... I got to be in the classroom for this activity... it was so much fun to watch all the children work so hard.

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