Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ha Noi, Vietnam... Part 1!

Back in April of this year I went on a girls trip to Ha Noi, Vietnam... a shopping trip for sure. There was a total of 7 of us and we had the best trip. There are tons of pics so I have broken them down in different parts (hopefully you will get a new one each day). I love to travel around Asia... every country I have been to has been different with their own little style... but what remains the same is that country leaves a little spot on my heart... you will see...
To maximize our stay and not to long away from the children... we left early early early in the am and as soon as we landed we started shopping. Lori was first at the airport (of course) with homemade Cinnamon rolls waiting for us... she is the best ever.
As soon as we touched down and loaded in the hotel van... this is what we saw...tons and tons of road bikes. I had been to Vietnam before but never this high north... but it was all the same... lots and lots of people and honking scooters.
Let the random pictures begin... here is a lady selling car seats for bikes... this apparatus puts the baby in between the adult and the handles... very popular.

Here are the girls... window shopping.

Part 2... tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

More details, please! Where did you stay? Did you go to Ha Long Bay? Did you eat Pho? If so where was your favorite? How about the Hanoi Hilton? Did you go there? What did you find interesting there? What did you shop for? Binh Minh is very popular (even that comes as a surprise!) I am sure you went for that, but do keep us in the loop. Did you venture to Sapa? Aren't the sandwiches divine? What is your favorite topping? We liked the pate and cucumber. I have lived in Hanoi for several years, and I am interested in what touched your heart. It is indeed very special and magical. You sound like your really know Vietnam. How wonderful!!!!! Where have you gone before Hanoi? Did you travel by train like a local? Hopefully not by air...hee hee....Do tell....
Your friends at RHBC....


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