Saturday, August 27, 2011

Armies from ViVi and Grandad!

Our whole family knows just how much Pierce loves is obsessed with anything ARMY, NAVY or AIR FORCE.  This summer we spent a lot time going to museums, reading books at WW2, watching shows about jet and tank fights, and watching all the Military men around Singapore.  He talks about WW2, the good guys or the bad guys, which flag is which, armies, camouflage and anything military all day long.  It is so bad that his teacher has said that he can continue to draw tanks and jets at school for one more month after that he needs to draw something different :-).  As I am writing this he has been in his room for one hour coloring jets.

ViVi and Grandad sent a care package last month with some goodies inside... Pierce is obsessed.

There were these military dolls and tons and tons of army jets, tanks and more... He is still playing dress up with these dolls and having his own WW2 in his bedroom with all the jets.

He was so happy that he came to me a couple days later and asked to take pics for ViVi and Grandad to show them his toys to say THANK YOU... so thank you ViVi and Grandad you are the best.

Armies are so cool...

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Jones Family said...

What a sweetheart! There's that loving, thoughtful soul the Jones family misses so much!!!! And I'm still jealous he'll play & entertain himself with toys.....grrrrr where did I go wrong?


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