Sunday, August 21, 2011

Traditions and Cartwheels...

There is a tradition in our family that started on our Honeymoon where Blake takes a picture of me doing a cartwheel on the beach... we have been doing this since 2005 and I love looking back at some of the pics and reminiscing.  We have missed some beaches (I guess we will have to go back) but here are a few of our favorite places in the world.

Maldives 2011

Rawa Island, Malaysia 2011

Bali, Indonesia 2010

Maui, Hawaii 2010

Vieques, Puerto Rico 2005


ViVi said...

Love it...Been waiting for this.
Blake should do this on the next trip with you.

Michelle and Gary said...

LOVE this! Love that you are still doing cartwheels!! Maldives looks amazing! So glad you guys enjoyed your getaway!!

Denton Family said...

Silly me thinking you might forget do get a cartwheel pic! Love them you

Corrie said...

Very cool tradition!

Jones Family said...

And there's our Millie! Full of beautiful, appreciation and vivacious zeal!


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