Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art Boot Camp!

For a couple of months now Pierce has been drawing a lot and has not stopped so when the summer started we knew there was one place that would get some of our time... Art Boot Camp... Pierce loved it.
He went for three days straight and learned all about making art with the focus on Underwater Ocean.  He came home with alot of goodies but the best is a huge canvas painting... his very first.  His teacher was great with him and every day I picked him up with a big smile on his face.

Here are some pics from his last day... with his canvas.

He came home the first day saying what he was doing but then added that he wanted a black water snake in his painting.... I told him he had to ask his teacher and I guess she said yes.

I was not sure that he would be able to sit still for 3 hours everyday and just paint so we talked about on day one that if he was a good boy all three days and his teacher told me great things about how he helped others, listened well, used his manners, etc... you get the picture... then he could get a reward which was this gummy snake that he has been wanting.  Everyday I picked him up his teacher would smile at me and go on and on about how INDEPENDENT he was and that he was the big brother of the class and helped everyone out.  So on Friday this is what he got.. it took him two days to eat all of it...

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Denton Family said...

GM & GP could use some new art????

Jones Family said...

I love the artist in him!!!! I still can't believe that raw talent.


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