Saturday, January 17, 2009

No pictures today!

Tonight is the big birthday night so I am headed to take a nap to get ready... so today's blog is short to just update you on a couple of things:

1) I am now on the 3 day of my 32nd year of life and I had to go the dr... I was dx with pink eye (I have not had pink eye since grade school) and acid reflux. For about a month I have felt like I have had to either burp or throw up constantly... a big lump in my throat that keeps me up at night and uncomfortable during the day... I have medicine now for both and on a bland diet.. we shall see...

2) We leave in 3 days for Texas...please start praying for our safe journey home, some sleep on the plane, and Pierce over all attitude/demeanor when we get home and his sleeping pattern due to the jet lag. Our last visit home was not as smooth as I would have liked so I am looking forward to a better trip home... please pray.

See you tomorrow.


Rachel Kerbel said...

have a great night out!! you deserve it!

Corrie said...

So sorry to hear about the acid reflux! I hope the medicine does the trick and you're feeling better.

I'll be praying for a smooth, joyous trip home for you guys.

da momma said...

lets play while your here!


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