Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving with Family!

We are so happy that we got to spend Thanksgiving this year with my family (excluding my awesome husband... but he was taken care of in Singapore by our sweet neighbors). When we left this year in April for Singapore we did not think we would get to see my extended family for the holidays... it was so good to see everyone and have a feast together. The above picture if of my mom's side of the family.

The unfortunate part of our Thanksgiving is Pierce woke up from his nap (right before we were to leave to head back to Houston for our flight the next morning) with a 102 temperature. He was not in the mood to eat and he was a little cranky. I was worried that he might have an ear infection and we were not going to be able to fly the next morning. As soon as we realized that Pierce had a temperature the entire family started calling Dr's., looking on-line, looking at the yellow pages to find a clinic that might be open to get Pierce checked out (Thank you to everyone who chipped in). On a normal day I would not have panicked about the temperature but I was a little nervous about getting him on a plane with that temp. and possible ear infection. Due to the holiday we were not able to get a hold of any clinic but an on-call nurse called me back and said to take him to the ER. I wanted to get him back to Houston first so after we got some food down him and took some pictures we hit the road. After talking to Blake and others I figured that I would just take him to Houston put him down for the night to get some sleep and we would assess the situation in the morning. If he still had a fever we would re-schedule our flight and go to the Dr. and if he did not have a temperature we would fly... In the morning there was no temperature (prayer works) and we headed back to Singapore. YEAH!

Here is Pierce when ViVi was trying to feed him... so not interested.

Look at those rosy cheeks... sweet boy.

Here is Pierce's favorite boy 2nd Cousin Taylor (I think that is what you would call my cousin's kid to Pierce... I can never get it right)... he loves it when Taylor plays with trucks and cars... he is such a cute sweet kid.

Trying to take a family pic of Mom and Baby... but Pierce was not feeling so good.

After we ate... there was alot of Cowboy watching in the new Cabana.

Here is a picture of my cousin Crystal (in black) and my other cousin's daughter Whitney in green... Pierce loves the ladies.

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The Westcott Family said...

Oh Camille, I'm so sorry he had a fever and was not feeling well. Not fun. I'm so glad you were able to make your flight and get back to Blake. We'll miss you until your next visit.


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