Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Denton's have arrived!

The Denton's have arrived... and we are so happy to see them. They got here at midnight last night but the above picture was taken this morning after 6 hours of sleep. Everyone is feeling and looking good so we are having a jam packed day.

After breakfast, showers and getting ready we headed for Holland Village for shopping and eating in their first taxi ride in Singapore.

After buying some wall hangings and walking around (in the rain) we had lunch at a local Hawker stall.... We had take out for lunch and headed home. Everyone is now taking a nap (except me) bc tonight will be a busy and late one. Church, dinner, orchard road, and fireworks at midnight at the marina. More to come.


Linda said...

Hope you all have a great visit and a very Merry to all! Lyle, Linda, Maggie and Bennett

The Westcott Family said...

so great they made it safely. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL time together!


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