Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've been tagged!

8 shows I watch: Nothing really on a regular basis bc most of all the shows here are 4 months behind, we won't get 24 here and I am not really interested in Asian news. During the day when Pierce is a sleep I will turn it on for background noise and listen to Myth busters (just to see if the myth was busted, true or plausible) But at night wen turn to HBO, History Channel, or a movie.

8 favorite restaurants: Lupe Tortilla's (Texas), Brotzeit (Singapore), Margarita's (Singapore), Thai Express (Singapore), Chic-fillet (Texas), Carrabba's (Texas), Chicken Express (Texas), Sushi (anywhere)

8 things that happened today: Got my first perm in like 20 years, Pierce went to school, Cena cleaned our condo, talked to a guy getting his hair done next to me for about 30 minutes and then he stood up and turned off the machine and started to blow dry his own hair and then I figured it out he worked there (self service is what I was thinking), I am blogging bc my son takes 3 hour naps, it rained (go figure), I took the wrong bus and ended up 5 blocks from my condo and had to walk, I pulsed my weekly allowance.

8 things I look forward to: Christmas, 2009, my in-laws coming to Singapore next week, my son waking from his nap so we can go swim in Dec., having more children, going back to Texas, Seeing Twilight tonight, lying next to my husband tonight.

8 things I wish for: godly children, a long, loving marriage, a home in Texas, life long friendships, an understanding of my purpose, miracles for my friends and family members that need them, finances for everyone struggling, loved ones to know Christ.

8 people I tag:


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

oh this is a fun tag...I'll do it this weekend when I'm not working 12 hour days :)

J Katy Garner said...

I want to see pictures of your new hair do! : )

Chicken Express surprised me, I learn something new about you all of the time!
Merry Christmas Love ya

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

I need to see pics of the perm!!!! Do you love it, or are you having regrets???? Can't wait!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

I'm not going to participate yet because I have to give my blog from yesterday some commentary....SO YOU NEED TO COMMENT ON MY LITTLE MAN, YO! BUT, I wanted you to know that one of the 8 things I did today was make my own no-water-soy-chai-latte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is Da Bomb! Oh, and I love the things you wish for. Godly children is number one for me too. What a joy to know your kids have a heart for the Lord!


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