Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Visiting Santa Claus!

Is this something that just happens around 2 years of age? Pierce did not want to sit on Santa's lap... I really did not try to push him bc think about it... how often do we persuade our children to got sit on some strangers lap that not only has a big belly, long white beard, deep voice and is wearing a red and white furry suit... Santa Claus has become very dear to me over the years but at first I am sure I was scared too...

While I was in Texas I wanted to get Pierce's picture with Santa... maybe for the Christmas card or just a good memory.... but it did not work... My mom (VIVI) came with us to help out and as soon as we saw SC you could tell Pierce was not sure. We immediately asked him if he wanted to sit on SC's lap and he said "NO"... You can see the picture above there is a lot of persuasion from VIVI and Pierce is just not interested.

Checking it out but still not sure... I just decided to take some shots from the back bc I thought this was as close as we would get. Check out the people that are getting their picture taken... this made Santa's day... I have a feeling that there are alot of Santa's out there that prefer the ladies over the 2 years old sitting on their lap... a little scary. We should probably think about an age limit here??????

OK... we are out of here... Pierce was not having it.... Needless to say we will have to try again next year.


Jacquie said...

That is funny...I don't remember ever being scared of Santa, but I'm sure I was too when I was younger. I agree with the age limit thing :)

The Westcott Family said...

Maybe Pierce just knows Santa's fake and he's over it?!

Mandy said...

The only picture of me with Santa (or any character for that matter)is when I was two weeks old. I never liked people dressed as characters and would not take pictures with them. I completely empathize with Pierce! :)


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