Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning!

Here is The Denton CHRISTmas morning story:
We read the story of Jesus' birth as a family.

Then we went to the living room and saw that Santa had stopped by (all the way in Singapore)... he did not forget about us here.

Pierce took his stocking (that sang to him) to Grandma for assistance.

Then the digging began... Santa was good to Pierce this year.

Pierce of course wanted to give hugs to everyone after his stocking... here is one for Grandpa.
Then we opened presents... this was Pierce's favorite for the morning... a "CHU CHU Train" as he says... Pierce's very first train set and he has not stopped playing with it since.
Then mommy got to open her present from Pierce... here is his wrapping job. So sweet it made my Christmas... I was telling Blake that the box was the present within it self... I loved it.

Inside were these pens. The story goes like this: Blake and Pierce went shopping and Blake told Pierce we are here to pick something out for mommy and that Blake was going to buy the first thing Pierce picked out... a little scary but this is true. The first thing Pierce picked up were these colorful decorated pens. So there you go my Christmas present from Pierce... I love this tradition and think it is awesome... and I will treasure these pens forever... but I will have to start teaching Pierce to go for the shiny, see through things that are held on with gold or silver and to be worn on the fingers/wrist/neck... :-)

Then we had breakfast... I made everyone festive pancakes... not sure if you can see Pierce's "HO" (short for HO HO HO) pancake.

Then we got to play with all of our toys.

Since it was only the second day for Grandma and Grandpa to be in Singapore we went for a tour of the condo.
And just a sweet little shout out to her our dear friend Annette Overmo... Thank you. She made this home made DELICIOUS cheesecake for our family.... it was amazing and wonderful and made our holiday that much better. Thank You!


Dave and Lisa said...

So glad you had a merry Christmas! You and Blake are the most wonderful parents. :-)

The Westcott Family said...

Pens for Christmas! I love it. Looks like you had lots of fun.

Jones Family said... only you would take the time to make precious Ho Ho Ho pancakes! You're the best!
Tell Pierce that Shelby is loving The Little Mermaid. :->

Cassidy said...

What a sweet CHRISTmas story. I love that he picked pens for you. Lots of fun.


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