Monday, December 1, 2008

Flight HOME to Singapore!

OK... I have received so many emails and phone calls in regards to the flight home so here you go. It is a long one but I know if you love us you will read every detail (HE HE HE).

First I want to say thank you to all my prayer warriors and everyone who listened to me in the past month when I complained about the flight to Texas and when I shared how anxious I was about the flight back to Singapore. Here's to YOU!

We left Houston at 10:45am, Friday after Thanksgiving (after we figured out that we were ok to fly see Thanksgiving post) and I had a 50 lb carry on full of toys and trinkets to keep Pierce happy. We realized on the plane ride to Texas that Benedryl would not work for Pierce so toys, movies, and book were going to have to be the solution. Pierce does not like to sleep on the planes bc he likes it to be quiet, dark and he has to by flat to get good sleep so we were ready for a 24 hour duration with no sleep. We got in the plane and Pierce was having a blast watching all the people. We did not get a bulk head seat so we were shoved in a very small space where Pierce loved to kick the seat in front of him... I was thinking this is going to be fun.

I could give you all the gory details, from the sweet little Japanese boy in front of us who got a back massage for 14 hours, or the person next to me who left their reading light on the whole time, or the air line stewardess who came by when Pierce was about to shut his eyes and asked if we wanted any green tea, or how exciting it is to change and poppy diaper in airplane restroom, or how Pierce loved to launch his cars and toys behind him to see who he could hit on the head, or the disgusting food they served on the plane, or... or... or... or... but I won't... I will tell you that out of the 14 hour journey to Tokyo, Japan Pierce slept 3 hours in 1 hour increments... He did rarely cry and have fits as I like to call them but did watch about 10 movies, walk the aisles about 200 times, sing songs, color, and read alot of books. All in All he did really well and made me so proud.

We got off the flight to Japan and we still had a 50 minute lay over and another 7 hour plane ride to Singapore to conquer... my anxiety was better but not over. During the lay over I begged the lady at the counter to give us the bulk head seats (and I am going to have to get on my soap box here.... if you are traveling and you do not have a disability, long legs (and I mean long) or a child... you should not sit in the bulk head until you are certain the individuals who do are taken care of... ok I am done) so we would not be tempted to kick the seat in front of us and I could get the car seat a little more horizontal for a better sleeping position for Pierce. She was so sweet and unblocked some seats for us and we got in... we were in the middle of two people but we were in the bulk head... YEAH. We got back on the plane and that is when the FITS really started... I was thinking this is not good... Pierce is screaming and did not want to be in his car seat. I was hoping that this was not going to be a long plane ride... He was so tired and not comfortable. I held him for a little while and then put him in the seat right before take off and as soon as we started to move he got quiet. He was very still and seemed content so I thought I would take advantage of this moment and shut my eyes... I must have been out for 15 minutes and he was still awake but happy... I closed my eyes again and when I woke he was out... YEAH again... He continued to sleep for the next 6 hours until landing... I had to wake the sweet boy up when they opened the cabin door... There were several times where Pierce would fuss in his sleep and I knew he was not comfortable so I would take him out of his seat and hold him on my chest (pictures this me trying to lie flat in my seat as much as possible Pierce's knees and head on my chest with his butt in the air (this is his preferred way of sleeping)... we would do that until my legs would fall asleep and then we would reposition and when I had held him for about an hour I would put him back in his seat for an hour and then we would do it all over again... but it worked... the sweet boy slept almost the entire flight (with no drugs... YEAH).

We got to the airport and Pierce was still tired and kind of winning... but as soon as we saw Daddy... he wanted down and he ran to Dad on the other side of the glass wall... I had to wait and get the luggage but Pierce was with his daddy at last. It was so good to see Daddy... we missed him so.

If you have been with me in the last month you know that Pierce went to Texas and was not sleeping, he would not take naps, he did not like to lie down, he was fussy and just difficult at times. Well I am happy to report that all of that is behind us. As soon as we got home Blake gave him a bath and we lied him down and we did not hear from him until the morning... Sunday we had fun in the morning and then he took a nap (easy to lie down and slept until I woke him up around 4pm to make sure he went down easy that night for bed). Sunday night we laid him down around 7:30 (he was so tired) and he did not wake up until 7am this morning.... Pierce and I are both back on Singapore time (13 hour difference from Texas) without any hiccups... All is well in the Denton house. God is Good and He has answered our prayers. Thank you so much for your concerns, well wishes, prayers and thoughts... We do appreciate each and everyone of you so very much.

A special THANK YOU to everyone who housed us, loved us, played with us, feed us, listened to us and put up with us this past month... we had the best trip ever and we will see you in January 2009.

LOVE LOVE to all.


The Westcott Family said...

Praise the Lord you made it home with some sleep from Pierce. Good to hear he's back to "normal" with his sleep too.

The Stringers said...

PTL for the 6 hour sleep! It sounds like a rather horrid experience anyway... you're very brave.

Lisa said...

I know you loved being here, but I'm sure it's very nice to be home with Blake. Hope you guys have a wonderful December!


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