Saturday, December 20, 2008

OH NO... baby are you ok?

"OH NO... baby are you ok?" were the first words to come out of my mouth on Wed. morning when I went into Pierce's room after he had woken up for the day kind of whimpering (he never does that he is always talking and having a good time in his bed when he first wakes up.) I walk inside his room and I get a good whiff of BARF.... yes that is right BARF. It was everywhere and Pierce was really upset that it was on his SCOUT (his dogie that he has to sleep with every night). I asked him if he was ok and since he explained the he was really upset about Scout I figured we were ok. I got him out of the bed and gave him a bath and threw everything and I mean everything that is washable in his bed (which is everything but the bed) in the wash and sat the mattress outside. I thought in honor of this morning I would put him in his new MR. Messy t-shirt (do you remember these when we were kids... I got this in Houston with no idea what I would use it for but bought it bc of my childhood memories... but never had an idea I would use it honor of his first night time BARF.)

I had to take a picture of him afterwards... Crazy wet head and his Mr. Messy shirt. I did not know what caused the barf so I called Blake to see if he felt good (and we had dinner with Neil the night before) and I wanted to make sure I did not fix anything bad.... everyone seemed to be good so I thought about what Pierce had that no one else had and I forgot about some string cheese that I had given him for dinner. Sure enough I went to the frig and checked the date and it had expired on OCT. 31st.... over 1.5 months expired... My friend Shelly often awards herself the "mother of the year award" when she does something stupid.... so on that day I think I should have awarded myself the "mother of the year award".... I think I had food poisoned my son.... Sorry.
BUT Stay Tuned bc until last night I thought I had food poisoned him but I think it might have been something else... more to come tomorrow.


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

oh poor baby...well at least it was a one time's better than having to stomach flu for days...I love Mr. Messy...Target has Mr. Happy shirts for guys right now, I'm seriously thinking about getting Kris one.

EDENS said...

He is still cute even when not feeling good. miss you guys!!!

da momma said...

love the shirt! hows he feeling??


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