Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas on Orchard Rd.

Last Saturday we wanted to see what all the hype was about Downtown Christmas Lights... we did not believe what we were about to see... they really do know how to celebrate Christmas here.... with lights that is. We started out at one of the biggest malls and they had Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling.

Then we went outside to see the Fountain of Wealth... we had never been there and had to go see it.

Here it is... the main fountain was not on but the center fountain was and this is what you are looking at. It is said to walk around it and stick your hand in the water and it will bring you wealth... I wanted to walk around it but Blake said no... he does not believe in things like this (neither do I but I just wanted to do it).
There was a really big Christmas tree that I had to get a picture in front of... we did not want to get Pierce out of the stroller bc he is at the age where if you get him out he will not go back in.

We had dinner and then let the sun go down and walked out on Orchard Rd. and this is what we saw.... So pretty.

Merry Christmas!


Donna said...

Whoever hung those trees from the ceiling has, or has had young children. If there were an easy way to do it in my home, I would!

Thanks for sharing!

The Westcott Family said...

Could they use any more lights? That's quite a decorated town! Have you seen any manger scenes or anything?

Cassidy said...

awesome, I love the christmas trees hanging fromt he ceiling.

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

I wish it was Christmas year round - so pretty!

Queen of the house! said...

WOW they do know hwo to celebrate...VERY beautiful!!! How fun!


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