Sunday, December 7, 2008

25 Days of Christmas!

Most of you have seen our Christmas Tree but I have not told you about what came with the tree from Vivi and Grandad. Alot of packages were sent with the tree from Santa and on the 30th of Nov. Pierce was to open the gift and for us to read the letter.

It said "Open your present and ask Mommy and Daddy to help you hang this up. When you wake up each morning put the "Bell" on the number of the day and match it with the number on the package under the Christmas Tree. Love ViVi and Grandad".

We have enjoyed this every morning so I wanted to share it with you guys... it has been such a blessing to get to enjoy Christmas this way. Here is our tree with all the presents counting down until Christmas.
Here is Pierce opening the package on the 30th of Nov. after we read the card.
I had a count down calendar when I was growing up and I loved moving the little mouse from day 1 to 25 and I am so happy that Pierce has his first one and he gets to move the bell from day 1 to 25. Isn't it cute?
Here he is getting his first package on Dec. 1st.
Opening it. No, you will not get to see this process for everyday but it has been really good for Pierce. We talk about the numbers and then we count out loud the numbers and then we show him the number and then walk over to the packages and he has to find the right number. Some days are harder than others but I think he is really getting it. He knows that he only gets one a day and pretty much leaves the packages alone during the day. But when I say you ready to move the bell, learn you number for today and get a present he knows what to do. For instance today on day 7 we counted. and then he said 8 on his own and then walked over to the packages and I pointed to 22 and said is this it and he said no and then I pointed to 18 and he said no and then I pointed to 7 and he grabbed it and ran to the couch to open it... I think he has got it.
Day 1 he got a book about gingerbread men. I think we had to read it for 3 days.
Day 3 he got a dinosaur.... This was his favorite until Day 7.
Day 5 we got some paints and had a good time painting.
Day 7... he got a puppy... he was so cute and excited. You will see below how much he loves this puppy... I asked him his name and he said "doggie"... he kept bringing my doggie and putting my hand underneath his leg and wanting me to get him up... it was so cute... Of course this is fake doggie but it looks so real... I think Pierce thought it was a real one... he still does I think.
Still so excited... this is him trying to wake him up.
Some unprompted kisses... there was so many kisses that I was able to catch one... he was being so gentle (just like his Aunt JuJu taught him to be). Here he wanted the doggie to have some toys to play with... isn't that just so precious.... the doggie is now taking a nap next to the window where Pierce put him before he went down for a nap.
Thank you Santa (aka ViVi and Grandad) for the 25 days of CHRISTmas. We love you and appreciate you.
P.S. Not sure what the future holds in our 25 days but I am sure you will see more pictures along the way.


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Oh I love it! We used to have a bear that moved everyday in was always so much fun! Wow I'm impressed that they had done all that shopping and wrapping and got it to Singapore in time...that is some planning!!

Pierce is so cute with his puppy, I love the one of him giving it kisses!

The Westcott Family said...

Pierce and his puppy pics are just presh!


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