Monday, February 23, 2009

Sushi, bowling and shuffle board... does it get any better?

Friday night the adults (Shane, Marcie, Me, Kara and Steve) decided to have a night with no babies... we had sushi for dinner and then we hit the local bowling alley for a great night... I just love the Hobbs and Benners... they are so much fun and I never felt like a 5th wheel.

Here we are at the bowling alley.... we played three rounds and the girls lost all 3 rounds but I do have to say we got better towards the end and only lost by 5 points.
I had to take a picture at this screen... the first name is tate for Marcie, Millie for Camille and Ste for Steve and Sha for Shane... look who is winning... I had to take a picture bc that is the only time I was winning... the guys did end up winning this round but check out all those strikes and spares... now that is how you bowl... not really I am never really good at bowling not sure what happened this night.

Nice shot... this is my dear friend Marcie, she will thank me later. I love you girl and already miss you.

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