Sunday, February 22, 2009

Esophagitis... yuck!

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and calls... you guys are the best... the procedure was perfect and the recovery was amazing. I think the procedure took about 15 minutes, they took 3 biopsies, and the Dr. said I had esophagitis....

This is a picture of a normal esophagus.... and

the picture on the top right is my esophagus... yuck... no wonder it hurts... I will find out more on the biopsies this coming week (so please keep praying)... but all in all I am doing good and now taking nexium (again)... more to come I am sure.

Thanks again for praying and thinking of me.

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da momma said...

so is it kinda swollen or is your lining too thick or whats the deal? What does the medicine do 4 u? Poor girl! MY esophagus hurts now!


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