Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday America - 2010!


Another great year in Singapore celebrating the 4th of July... a great piece of the story this year was that this year we went with our great friends/neighbors the Cowdy's which happen to be English and as we were entering the fairgrounds the eldest 2 daughters were asking me what we were explaining... and I said our "independence" and then they said "from whom"... and then I said "from you"... you can imagine how the rest of the night went... GREAT... it was raining but we did not let that stop the fun...

See the mud everywhere... Here is Blake trying to coral the children. Violets parents were out of town so she stayed the night with us... and brought her along for the festivities... we all had a great time but Violet did not like getting dirty.

I made Pierce hug Violet... oh he was not in the mood... but good boy for listening... and the blue mouth was from the cotton candy.

Pierce best bud... Alex and his daddy. And as soon as Pierce saw Alex on his daddy guess where Pierce had to be... on his daddy's shoulders too.

After that... we had to dance... front and center.

Alex's sisters... Rihana and Olivia.

We finally found a seat away from the mud... on top of the speakers... I hope all the ear drums are ok....

Not sure if you can tell the boys are having a blast and Violet seemed a bit skeptical... I stayed close to her the whole night.. but stay tuned to see if she joined in soon... what do you think?

Here she is... making her big debut... Violet took center stage and had a blast...all she needed was a microphone.

Now everyone has seemed to settle down but Violet is still going strong.

All the kids waited patiently for the fireworks... with the rain and all we were not sure... but it turned out to be a great night full of rain, laughter, food, candy and fireworks.

When we first arrived to the park Alex was saying how he wanted to see the loud fireworks and Pierce got a little nervous and made me promise him that we would see the quiet ones. So I told him that Alex could watch the loud ones while P and I watch the quiet ones (covering our ears). He seemed to be ok with my answer but he was worried all night leading up to them... every 10 min he would pull on my shirt and ask "are the quiet ones coming yet"... so cute but I could tell he was a bit nervous. As soon as they were about to start... I asked P if he wanted to cover his ears and instead he ran to his daddy to be put on his shoulders... there was nothing quiet about these fireworks but P seemed to be fine... Violet not so much... she clung to me so tightly and I covered her ears.

That night before going to bed... we got one more hug...Happy Birthday America.


Denton Family said...

Love this post....

LORNA's said...

Great photos and a great night. Thanks for letting us redcoats in!!


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