Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas soil... yeah!


After 30 hours (from door in Singapore to door in Texas) we finally getting settled in here in Texas. What a trip... Pierce did great especially on the 16 hour flight from Dubai to Houston... he was doing alot better than me :-). He slept alot and watched alot of movies... (some of you are cringing at the idea of watching alot of movies but when you are on a plane for 16 hours you got to do what you got to do... we are better off that way).

When we landed in Dubai Pierce is still in his PJ's since we woke him at 11am to head to the airport. We had a great time in the airport in Dubai. We had hoped to leave the airport and do some sight seeing but they had told us that it was a minimum of 8 hour lay over to leave the airport and we were only had 5 so we had to stay... but the HUGE airport kept us entertained for sure.

Here are some pics of Pierce playing in the airport... now remember this is like early early morning for him on Sing time... he did great.

I feel in love with all the different people in the airport... I love to people watch.

Here is Pierce refusing to eat... so he was pouting in his car seat...

What a lovely airport... full of some great architecture, lots of colors and some great memories now.

We touched down in Houston to find Aunt JuJu waiting at the airport for us. We made it back in time for dinner and we played a little and put Pierce to sleep. He slept all night but did wake up 3 times to just check to see if we were all in the right place but went right to sleep. The next day we stayed busy took some naps but was back in bed by 10pm... 8am awake and we are officially over jet lag.. this trip has been the best and easiest on Jet Lag. Pierce is a trooper and Blake has been our guide on what to do and what not to do the whole time... so good.
Here are some pics of Pierce and his best friend Grace... they are inseparable.

We are headed to DFW tomorrow for more adventures... see you soon.... and thanks for praying we can/could feel it.


Jenn said...

I am glad you made it home safely. It's weird to think you are going to be living there. In my mind you should be coming back to Singapore in a few weeks.

Denton Family said...

DFW, GP & GM are ready

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Yeah so glad you got home safely!!

Renee Westcott said...

welcome welcome welcome!!!

ks said...

We thank GOD for the your safe journey.
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. We have link your page ti our website Dubai to Houston



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