Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun with ViVi and Grandad!

We finally touched down in Fort Worth to see ViVi and Grandad... this will complete seeing all of our immediate family and we are so excited to be here... It is such beautiful weather here in FTW so we had to rush outside and play in the water.

First we had to give ViVi some hugs and kisses...
This past weekend I had gone to Target for the third time and found this buzz light year water slide for $11 can you believe it... I am still talking about what a deal this is... This would have been $500 in Singapore for sure... $11 well spent for sure... look at these priceless smiles.
Pierce just was not getting the hang of the running, jumping, sliding... so with a little soap Grandad showed him how to do it... yeah.
After the slide we jumped into the pool... oh how fun.
Pierce will be hanging out with ViVi and Grandad all week while mom and dad go to Maui... stay tuned for more fun in FTW with ViVi and GD... see you in a week.


CAJ Photography said...

MAUI!!!!! I'm soooo jealous. Do you realize you're living some sort of dream life with all your go, see, do! YOU GO CAMILLE!!!!

nurselauragail said...

I was hoping Denton News was going to give me an update and stop my confusion, but no such luck!
After reading your blog, I have been trying to imagine my family taking a 30 hour trip to Singapore and the images may keep me awake tonight! Honestly, I don't know how you do it!?!?!?!
When you get a chance, send me a note on fb, an email, or update your blog! Are you back in Singapore? Was this part of the plan? How are you, hubby, and Pierce doing? Thinking of you!


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