Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh to be in his head...

Oh how sometimes I wish I could be in this little boys head... these are just random pics I have of him at home.. and the places he winds up sometimes or the things that I catch him doing... The first picture is of Pierce finding out that mom just bought an ANTIQUE Chinese baby walker and he thought it was for him. The second was his playing in his room but he was talking to himself and this is how I found him and the last one was one day I walk in the living room and this is how he was sitting protected from the rain inside... never a dull moment.

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Jones Family said...

Talk about not a dull moment....we're in for an experience getting these two together in July! FYI - I have gotten the most random texts from daycare mom's that their kid is upset or shelby told them directly that he's leaving. OMG! They all know we're destined to move at some point and they thought this was it! Shelby has been announcing his, according to him, 3 months leave to see his buddy Pierce. LOL...and the funniest part is he confuses everyone with quoting the move to a town that's like 10 miles from here...what in the world. All parents know something's up, just not what......I have had to clear the air so many times with our visit to Singapore to visit friends!!!!!'s all this kid can talk about! He was soooo disappointed for Mother's Day weekend that Pierce wasn't magically in Yosemite!


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