Friday, June 5, 2009

Kota Kinabalu - Day 3, Part 2

After nap on the 3rd day we headed to the beach... the first day I was not a fan of the beach bc there seemed to be debris everywhere, there were jellyfish everywhere and Pierce was a mad man wanting to get in the water (but I was not about to get in with all the jellyfish).... but by the third day he seemed to just enjoy the sand and the scenery... there were lots of things to play with on the beach...

Like some sail boats and wave runners.

Volleyball with Daddy.

Trying to serve... did not make it very far but a great effort.

Just checking it all out....daddy was teaching him how the steering works... way to go daddy.. every op is a learning opportunity... right?

Just a beautiful place.

Then we had to play some more soccer.

We had a couple of fits... but as soon as he got the ball back he was better.

Then we found some crabs.

We might need to teach Pierce how to be gentle... what do you think? But I am happy to report that when he finally let the crab go.... the crab was still intact.

Look what I got.... he was so proud. Can't really see it bc they were tiny and transparent.

Now showing mama...

Our sunset on Day 3.

Daddy was finally feeling much better at the end of day 3 so we all got to have dinner together at the beautiful restaurant on the beach... not sure if you can tell but the air ducts are in the shape of an octopus and the light fixtures are jelly fish.... it was beautiful.
Last Day (Day 4) is next...


The Westcott's said...

I love the jellyfish lights, very cool. So glad Blake was better enough for a nice dinner.

da momma said...

what a special family vacation! Everyone needs that!


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