Saturday, June 13, 2009

VBS 2009 comes to a close... until next time.

Friday was our last day of VBS 2009 on the Boomerang Express in the Outback... we had so much fun and I will miss seeing these beautiful faces every day. Here are some pics of the bible activities we did.

The water bottles were sheep with a letter on the bottom and the kids had to lasso them and then herd them up to spell out the motto for the day.. one team was Forgives and the other was Serve Him.

This was another activity on the last day where the kids had to write out the verse for the day using these termite mounds.... look at those sweet faces.

Could you just eat them up?

After class I would go and pick Pierce up from the nursery and we would have lunch in the break room... here Pierce is enjoying his favorite local food here... Chicken Satay... he is growing up so fast...


Jones Family said...

Girl, you are super mom taking care of your family and so many other people's kids! You wear me out just thinking about teaching all those children.
And PD Bird! Oh my goodness he's growing up so fast.

da momma said...

I bet the children all loved are so fun! God smiles on you!!

Queen of the house! said...

That looked amazing!!

And BTW didn't get the polish out of carpet, so if you have any suggestions by all means send it my way!

I think it means new carpet, .... which we need anyway!

Man your photo's look amazing!


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