Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 3 - China Town and more...

We have been having a blast with ViVi and Great Mama.... Pierce is acting so funny... he will do many things to show off and you will get to see alot of them but here he is sitting in my laundry basket... he pulled all the dirty clothes out and brought the basket to the living room and climbed inside...

One of our presents from ViVi and GD is for the 4th of July and we will have to wait to show it all to you but here we are representing our sunglasses.

My Mr. Cool... he just thought he was so cool.

Yesterday we got to show Great Mama the pool... we had so much fun splashing around and having fun in the sun (Great Mama was in the shade).

Day 3... we started off getting Pierce ready for school and then showing Great Mama and ViVi his new school.... he was so proud to show them where his shoes go.

We were worried that he might be sad to go to school today but he just ran right in...

Here are his class mates waiting for him...

Then we headed to China Town... our first stop (ViVi's favorite place) the wet market to buy some veggies and fruit.

We did NOT buy any frogs... but they were there.

Salmon... anyone?

Jack Fruit? For reference the tiles on the wall are 12x12... these were HUGE.

Then we went shopping.

We made lots of purchases...

And on our way out we got to see a Hindu Temple (yes we were still in China Town).
Tonight we are headed to Margartia's for dinner and we will finally get to see Grandad for the first time... oh what fun.
Stay tuned for the weekend adventures... alot has been planned.


Melanie said...

Looks like a blast!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like you guys are having an amazing time. Enjoy the weekend!


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