Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kota Kinabalu - Day 4 (last one)

On the last day we had to check out at 3pm (our flight was at 6pm) so we decided to take advantage of our last day there. We hired a babysitter to play with Pierce in the Kids Club and Daddy and Mama headed to the beach/pool for some relaxation and sun.

We started a tradition on our honeymoon where Blake takes a picture of me doing a cartwheel on the beach... we have missed alot of opportunities for we have been blessed to see alot of gorgeous beaches but we did not forget this time.
Here was the first of our tradition on our honeymoon in San Juan.

Blake also got to enjoy another day playing some volleyball... I was going to join him but I saw a hut with my name on it.
This is where I was sipping on a nice cold drink.

Here is just a random video I had to show you from our 3rd day... There was the local guy would had made a remote control truck suitable for sand (big tires, all the gears were well covered, etc.) Pierce had so much fun chasing it around... pretty cool you have to check it out.
Our little friends were there to say goodbye... we miss Malaysia already... the sad thing is we are not sure we will ever get to go back. There are so many other amazing countries/island/etc. around here that we want see so to go back to Malaysia would keep us from experiencing another new place... so goodbye Malaysia... you were good to us.


Corrie said...

That is so fun about the cartwheel picture tradition! I love stuff like that!

I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip. KK is beautiful -- maybe you'll go back someday. But I know what you mean -- there are so many beautiful places on this earth that you want to see as many as you can. Scott and I can't wait to start travelling with the kids.

Jordan said...

What a fun trip!! Y'all really have traveled to some great places. I love the pics of Pierce trying to play volleyball. Take care

The Clifton's said...

Fun cartwheel idea. How exciting to have the opportunity to see all those things! Pierce is a cutie! When is baby #2?

da momma said...

u r a fun momma...cartwheels! cutie!

Leone said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog for quite awhile now......

this posting makes me think that you must be quite a fun person to have in the family.

never let that 'fun' side of you fade.


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