Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet Freeze and Jumper!

Meet Freeze (the girl) and Jumper (the boy)... Pierce's new turtles... thanks to ViVi and Grandad we are the proud owners of dirty water, another task in the morning to feed mouths, another thing to clean, but after seeing the joy that these two little turtles bring Pierce... it is worth it... we love them already. Pierce wants to hold them all the time (so hopefully they will live a long life).

Here is Pierce opening his present... he had no idea what it was at first... but as soon as he figured it out... he was so excited... you have got to see the video below.

Holding the turtles... this is where the boy got his name "Jumper" bc he took a flying leap out of my hands.

There new home.... not sure if you can see it be we have fish as well... Dad and I just bought Pierce some fish right before everyone got here... we had no idea he was getting Turtles... ViVi and Grandad bought all the fixings back in America brought them here with them and then bought the turtles here. They had intended on getting fish but when they saw that we had fish already they made the necessary adjustments.

He wanted to take a pic with his new turtles... he looks mad in this pic but he was really mesmerized by them... they were in his room for a night but it was to cold in there so they are now next door neighbors to the fish.

Another new talent Pierce has is taking pictures... he gets my big Canon Power shot and takes pics like a pro... here is one of his shots of Vivi and Great Mama.

Here is proof that Pierce is taking the pics... a little fuzzy, ViVi so proud so she is taking pics of Pierce taking pics, Great Mama's eyes are closed and all three adults in the room are present in the picture.

Another shot from Pierce... I was changing his diaper and this was his view from below...

Here is the video of Pierce when he got his Turtles... Grandad was not able to be here when Freeze and Jumper were revealed so this video is for him.


Jordan said...

How do I watch the video? It says it's private.

da momma said...

love your new background on the blog
the turtles are too cute!


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