Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One busy week...

I feel like the past week has flown by... which is really good since my parents and Grandma get here tonight... we are so excited to have them here and trust me you will get to see alot of their visit here on the blog.
2 weekends ago we got to have a couples night at one of our favorite restaurants... Villa Bali... we just love that place, good food, great atmosphere, and with some good friends what could be better?
Last Thursday we had dinner with some new friends here in Singapore. Jayme, Gillian and Violet just moved here from Australia and have only been here for a couple of weeks... We meet up at a local play gym here and then headed to dinner together... They are so sweet and I can not wait to get to know them more. Look at that sweet Violet... and yes her favorite color is purple.
Friday night we joined some friends for a night out on the town at Howl at the Moon... they had a comedian hypnotist there. Well when he asked for volunteers... you know I was all over it. Here he is looking into my eyes and assessing if I am a good candidate... what do you think?
We had to hold our hands really tight and concentrate on his voice for about 5 minutes... Side Note I had a friend in college who tried to hypnotise me several times and it NEVER worked.... so I thought I would give a professional a shot at it... He had placed his hand on my forehead and brought my chin to my chest and tilted my head slightly... this is how he left me for about 5 min.

You were hypnotised if you could NOT separate your hands... do you think it worked on me?

Here is a quick peek into what happened on stage with the ones that made the cut... it was a hilarious show (Clean and Funny)... good times.


Michelle and Gary said...

Looks like you all are having an amazing time! So wonderful that you have made such great friends. LOVE Howl at the Moon-- went to one in Seattle when we lived there- maybe one of the most fun nights ever! Have a great visit with your mom and grandma!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

that is so funny that they think they're talking to famous people on thier shoe! I love it! have a great time with the fam!


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