Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kota Kinabalu - Day 1

Our Friday morning started at 6:30am to head to the airport... if you know us Pierce and I do not get up until 8 or 9am so this was early. As soon as Pierce found out we were getting on a plane he was fine and ready to go. After parking the car and checking in we had to play... did I mention it was like 7:30am... who can play like this that early... not me. But I left out a crucial part of the story.... back up... Thursday Blake stayed home for work with a 102 temp. and aches all over... he stayed in bed until 3pm (who can do that?)... as the day went on he was not getting much better... so Friday came early and hurt for poor Blake... that is why at the airport mama did all the playing, all the talking, all the chasing, all the feeding, all the changing, all the... well you get the point... bc I not only had one baby but two... Pierce played and Blake moaned in a chair and tried to look alive so he would not get kicked out of the airport since Singapore is on an ORANGE alert for the Swine Flu. We did not get kicked out and we were able to fly, but stay tuned on more details to come.

Here is Pierce playing... and playing and playing... in his pj's.

I just love how serious he is here... look at those puckered up lips.

The kids likes to slide...
We had an uneventful 2 hour flight to Malaysia... Blake slept and mom kept Pierce occupied... I was hoping I could just give him the DVD player (a.k.a. "the insurance") and call it a flight but the stupid thing was not charged (I had the voltage wrong when I plugged it in the night before... that's what you get for using American products in Asia)... so we played with book, crayons, water painting, play dough, and more... but we touched down before we even knew it... and we landed in another beautiful country... Malaysia.
Another 45 minute car ride and we arrived to the wonderful Kota Kinabalu Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort where these sweet men were playing some beautiful music.
Side Note: this pic was actually taken on the last day (hence the tan) but we could not get a pic of these guys when we arrived bc Pierce fell asleep in the car and I carried him to his bed as soon as we checked in.
Our beautiful room... one living room and one king size bedroom suite for THE DENTONS... with fresh fruit and fresh flowers... fit for a QUEEN.

Here is the view from our bedroom balcony... not to shabby.
Another view... keeps getting better.

It wasn't to long until we had to get our feet on the soft sand... and enjoy the beach.
This trip was spare of the moment... Blake needed a vacation and we had some friends that were headed to Malaysia... so after some looking into we booked the trip. Thanks to our friends Matt and Laura we ended up in Kota Kinabalu. They left their kids in Singapore (we were so jealous) so we did not get to hang out with them that much during the day and since Blake was sick our nights were kind of unpredictable but we did get to see our friends here and there... Blake went skiing with Matt, I ate dinner with them one night and we enjoyed some pool time together. They did leave a day before us (to get back to the kiddos) but we had a great time with them. Laura blogged about their trip here... if you want to see more pics of the trip go and check it out.

After seeing the place we had to get in the pool... and of course we headed straight for the kid pool... Pierce loved this slide.

Nice 'split' action dude...
One happy kid... when he is happy we are happy.
Our first sunset in Malaysia.
Come back tomorrow for Day 2!


The Stringers said...

So jealous!! It looks amazing. Hope you have a great time.

The Woodard Family said...

It looks beautiful! I'm glad you had a good time! You should win an award for your airport heroics :)


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