Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

What a great Father's Day so far... we started off the morning at 8:30am where we went to get Pierce and then brought him back to bed for some snuggle time.... he was soon bored with that and Great Mama and I headed to the kitchen to make some homemade cranberry pancakes (not out of a box)... added with some turkey bacon and watermelon (Pierce's favorite right now)... we had a great breakfast together. ViVi and Grandad stayed in a hotel last night so we have not yet seen Grandad yet... but we will soon get to wish him to a Happy Daddy's Day!

Do you think this boy was happy this morning... he loves him some pancakes.

Here Pierce has one fork in hand (hoping to eat some more) and giving Daddy his present in the other hand.

At school Pierce painted this tie for daddy.

Then we got ready for church.... and off we went... what a great sermon today on teaching the next generation to follow Christ. As parents we do have a huge responsibility on our hands but we were reminded that we as parents can not 'save' our children, only God can... what a great reminder to lean on him for all things... including our children's salvation.
The card I gave Blake this year was a funny one (good cards are so hard to find here) but it was so fitting for our time right now... it read:
On the Front (there are two birds flying in the air): Drakes - You're all alike! Let's Just Stop and Ask For Directions.
Inside the Card: I'd follow you to the ends of the earth - even when you're lost. Happy Father's Day!
I found this card very fitting bc not only does Blake has some issues with if I think he is lost or not... but we followed Blake here to Singapore for his job and at times we might feel lost in this new country but that does not matter bc I would follow him wherever he went... we love our daddy.
This afternoon we are going to meet up with Grandad and go to the movies... to see The Taking of Pelham 123 in Gold Class... this is a tradition of Grandad and I's on Father's Day.
Happy Daddy's Day to all the Dad's out there but especially to the Dads in my life... Blake, Dale and Hal... I love you!


Melanie said...

I love this post, especially about feeling "lost." I think it's so hard as expats sometimes to feel "at home" where we are, but life is where we are, even if that's halfways around the world!

The Westcott's said...

Happy Father's Day, Blake. I'm so glad you have family around to make this day extra memorable! Have fun a the movies!

Grantham said...

Happy Dad's Day bro!


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