Saturday, June 20, 2009

Margarita's with Grandad and Day 4!

Last night we went to Margarita's with the gang and Pierce finally got to see his Grandad. Their reunion brought tears to my eyes... Pierce was so excited to see his Grandad he kept leaning over to give him hugs and kisses.

Here is our gang... one of Grandad's coworkers joined us and then Blake's coworkers joined us (as usual on our Friday outing).

Great Mama made friends with Sunny... thank you Sunny for taking good care of Great Mama.

Pierce had to have water out of a wine glass.

Look at those smiles... do you think they were so happy to all be together.

Day 4 started off with a visit to ViVo City where Pierce got a haircut... finally.

ViVi and Grandad meet us there and they snuck in the back to admire the show... Pierce had no idea that they were there watching... he was such a good kid sitting so still. And don't miss out on checking out that orange Mohawk.

Grandad was the first one he went too...

Afterwards we headed outside to ride the pony's... so cute... he looks like a little man.

A Thai lunch out by the water watching to boats.... Daddy was at work.

Pierce wanted some popcorn for lunch.. check out those glasses.

After lunch we headed to Pierce's favorite store... The National Geographic Store..... Pierce was checking everything while Grandad and I stepped into the freezing chamber -4 degrees C.

This was the first time I think in almost a year where I have worn a heavy coat... and it was cold in there.

Here is why Pierce's favorite store is The National Geographic... not sure how it works but it can sense body heat and based on that it makes foot prints and creates dust when people run across... and there are hidden rats and scorpions in the sand... that is Pierce's favorite thing... to chase them... so cute.

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The Westcott's said...

I've been gone for a week and am just catching up on all your posts! What a busy family. I LOVED Pierce's face photos. The sand thing with little critters running by is really cool. Nice Mohawk P. You are too cool!


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