Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 12 - Day 14... have I really missed this many days?

Sunday we woke up and Great Mama, Blake, Pierce and I went to church (it was a great service and the worship was awesome)... we came back home for a quick lunch and then we put Great Mama in a taxi to meet up with ViVi and Grandad for a stroll in the Botanical Gardens. While at the Botanical gardens they stopped off at the beautiful Orchid Gardens... Great Mama loved it.
Look how beautiful... the flowers and Great Mama!

This weekend we did alot of relaxing... so we stayed in the condo alot and alot of our afternoons (after nap time) and evenings are spent in this 900 sq. ft. condo...we are tight but we are having fun.

Pierce got ahold of the camera again...

After church on Sunday... Pierce wanted to take a nap on the floor using his balloon as the pillow... there has to be something dangerous about this?

We have waited on alot of buses.. here we are waiting for bus 7 for orchard rd.

On the bus... Pierce just loves riding the BIG bus (aka public bus) and he really likes to go on the second floor.

Another bus ride... Pierce loves to sit on this thing... not sure what it is or if it is even a seat but he loves it.
Monday we went to ViVo City (shopping) and today we went back to Orchard Rd to get Great Mama's hair done again and for more shopping... we have really hit the shopping malls on this trip... Blake is ready for me to stop shopping... HE HE HE. We were so busy shopping we did not take any pics... so sorry... tonight we are having dinner at the house bc tomorrow will be a big day... stay tuned... tomorrow is the last full day for our company.


Melanie said...

I haven't seen the Orchids yet...guess I will have to take my family there, looks beautiful! Pierce looks so cute on the bus!

The Westcott's said...

I can't read another day of this, it's exhausting watching your sweet Great Mama run around Singapore! What a lady!


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