Friday, July 5, 2013

More iPhone dumps... a favorite!

I know this is a favorite among the grandparents... so here is another... just random pics taken on the phone of all our FUN.

Pierce school had an art exhibit of all the kids work and the picture below Pierce did his handy work on a few planes in the sky and cars on the road (go figure).  This picture was made out of Blake's blue jeans that he donated.

One of my favorites (and Pierce was recognized for this work by his art teacher as the best in the class), they were asked to mimic a drawing of a girl looking at her self in the mirror. Which is really hard to do but one of Pierce's strengths is drawing... he did a great job.

And in May/June... the flowers are everywhere especially roses.  This was just hanging out outside school... a perfect rose.

Pierce's teacher got married (more pics to come) and his class wrote little notes on hearts as a surprise to him... this was Pierce's so sweet.  His teacher is Australian that married a Korean so I suggested he write in English and Hangul (which he did) but the second part was all on his own... sweet boy... he is right, Love never ends.

And this next picture was taken in May but one of the first times I found him standing up in bed... such a clever happy boy.  I think an hour later we lowered the mattress.

Me and girls (and Asher) out for a little stroll down town.

Another first moment caught in the act... good thing we lowered the bed.

And look who got another Star of the Week... so proud of his growth this year in so many areas.

And on the same day they gave out a "green award" to someone in each class... the child who understood the importance of going "green" the most was honored with a gift certificate.  I think all of these children have oil worker dads... but we try to do good on all the other stuff.

And I got a wonderful surprise from Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW... still makes me smile... and I hate to say it but I think I have devoured 3 whole boxes already... wow.

And more fun from Aunt JuJu and Uncle KW... Pierce loves his highlights.

Don't worry this is the end for now but I got a lot more pics on my phone... to come.
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