Thursday, July 18, 2013

June iPhone dume - take 1

These are always so much fun for me... dumping pics... here's a little look into what we were up to in June...

Mommy and Daddy had a full body health screening (having been in this business before I was fascinate on so many levels)... it was amazing and very thorough... and I even got to wear cute little Asian flared pink scrubs.

A common morning greeting.. finding my boys bright eyed and ready to go together in Asher's bed.

Asher has really started to enjoy his little sun room... he is free to roam and play and recently realized he can stand on his knees and see the world.

This was an art piece that P brought home from school.  I just love the octopus, green beans, purple rice and crickets... does that not sound good or what?

A little outing with Esther.. and the store had a very convenient changing pad we could get both kids done at the same time.

Another art project by P...

Pierce drew me this picture and on his own he went and got this stand and placed it right by my bed... I love dinosaurs with hearts... so sweet.

Some work from P's school...showing items that are good for the environment and items that are not... check out that big bad oil boat at the top... OOPPSS

Just plain cute...

Daddy's day came and went so quickly and we got to celebrate late bc daddy was in the states... but here is something that P made for B at church.

Someone got a hold of mommy's ice cream bar...

And that is some good Korean hair... don't you think?
 There is a lot more to come... don't worry.
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Denton Family said...

cute pictures and oh how they are growing!


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