Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pierce took off on only two wheels...

Today is the day that Pierce will learn to ride without training wheels... these are faces of determination.
Going over some fundamentals...

What is Asher doing you say????  Enjoying the view...

You can take a look at all the video's below to see the improvement at each go... but in between sets there was some play time which included grasshopper catching.

Here is our big boy... still a lot of practice to do... but we have officially taken off the baby wheels.

Here's attempt #1... Pierce wanted to be on the grass and not the track incase he fell (that is my fault).. and daddy was instructed to hold on to his seat (by both me and Pierce... he he he).

Here is attempt #2... not much has changed from the first time.

Here is attempt #3 - we have lift off... and this little Korean Kid that was playing with Pierce earlier (during the break) was so proud of Pierce he was jumping up and down for him... so sweet.

Atempt #4 - Daddy has to still give a push off at the start... but this time Pierce can turn the bike at the same time.

Attempt #5 - This one is the BEST a must watch.  Blake had told Pierce if he made it all the way around the track that he could get a new bike (he is a little big for this one now). So off they went half way around Pierce crashes (small one) but so tired he is left on the ground and daddy tries to finish the race for him... A great video with a SURPRISE at the end... you must see.


Denton Family said...

2That's funny!

Renee Westcott said...

Cute. Fun to be on two wheels!


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