Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Hike...

Another wonderful family hike... our favorite past time in Korea.  We have been to this pine forest a bunch of times but we always seem to take the same path... this time we took a different one and it was beautiful... we even had a little adventure at the end.


This bridge/lookout was covered in locks.. not sure why but I am sure it had a special meaning.

What's this????  These ladies were calling at us so we had to go and check it out...

These ladies have a special name and it has totally slipped my mind but they go diving for these creatures (various kinds) with nothing but a wet suit and goggles and then sale it... Pierce really wanted to try a Sea Cucumber so who were we to say no?

This is what we ordered....

I could not let him eat alone.... so I had one bite and Pierce had the rest.. did not taste like anything but salt.

And just in case if you were wondering where daddy was.... standing back in the distance... he supported Pierce from afar.

I loved this little girl that we found later in our hike.... she had her bear tied to her back like an awma.

We even found a lighthouse and a little museum... we had to take a look.

Another fun adventure for the Denton Clan...

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Denton Family said...

Can't wait for Pierce to lead the way for our hike.


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