Sunday, August 11, 2013

More hasing in Ulsan

We absolutely love Hash days... we go to church in shorts and t-shirts and right after service we join the Hash gang and off we go.  Pierce has become quite the little hiker... it is so easy for him now to do 7+km without even breaking a sweat and usually we have to ask him to slow down and stay with us.  This is one of the reasons that Blake really loves Korea and to see him so excited about the outdoors makes all of us excited.  Here are some fun pics taken by a fellow hiker... on on.

On the particular Hash we got lost and it delayed us behind the group about an hour... it was frustrating at times but it was lots of fun... and the whole gang waited for us at the end.
This was a really neat part of the hike... we went through an area that had a forest fire (sad) and all the trees were dead but new life was sprouting from the grounds... the area was huge and I kept thinking about all the houses near by... and how fearful they must have been. 

On this particular Hash... Pierce and Blake got their 10th Hash badge... way to go boys.

Little man is still hanging out.
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