Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Esther will forever be special to me for many reasons... I feel like I have walked the journey with her until she arrived.  Her parents just last year were asking me all kinds of questions about having a baby in Korea... Her mom and I went to the her first doctors appointment together and several there after... I got to hear her heart beat and watch her wiggle inside her momma.  I loved watching her mom, dad and big sister get ready for her... and her arrival came 5 weeks early but God paved the wave for all that needed to be done.  We had big sister stay with us for 4 days/nights and had a lot of fun while Esther made her entry... and since most of us expats are far away from family... us friends have to step in as family a lot... and I got the privilege of being there when Esther took her first breath... probably a spot Liz's mom or sister would have loved to have been (and vice versa I would have loved to been there when my nieces were born). It was very special to me and something I will forever remember... Esther will always be special to me... and it helps that she is cute as a button.
Here are the older kids hanging out... they did a lot of reading... 

And drawing

Brand new baby

One day we had a impromptu photo shoot before bible study... yummy.

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