Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pierce's first soccer tournament

We had a great day at Pierce first soccer tournament.  He was so excited and we of course had to come support him in the all day festivity that was jam packed with 4 full games.  We took a lot of pics and had a great time cheering him on.

Pierce is still learning the art of soccer (football as they say here) and many aspects of the game like staying on your feet, not touching the ball with your hands, passing, etc... but I was proud that he always knew which goal was his and which one he was suppose to shoot in (I supposedly had a hard time with that).  Our of 4 games they won some, tied one and lost one.... and ended up not placing in the tournament but they had so much fun.
I asked Pierce why he did not smile in the picture above and he said bc he wanted to look cool.

Asher came sporting Auburn colors... Aunt Juju got this for Pierce when he was this age.

Daddy anxiously awaiting their first game.

I love this boy... man he has grown up to be a big boy.

Time for warm ups...

After the first game which they lost.... the couch trying to talk to them and not sure what Pierce is doing... I love all the moms surrounding them and taking pics... we don't get many tournaments so we were all excited.

A fun day for sure... I had to leave early and give Asher a nap, hence not a lot of pics of Pierce actually playing in the game but there was a lot of running and bouncing hair.


Denton Family said...

love all the pictures! Pierce looks like he has played soccer forever!

Renee Westcott said...

To look cool! That is so cute.


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