Saturday, June 22, 2013

Asher at 10 mos.

Asher John at 10 months

  10kg - 80th percentile (decrease from previous month)
 77cm in length -95th percentile (increase from previous month)
 48cm in head circumference -  100th percentile (same from previous months)

Eating - A LOT.  He can pretty much eat everything that we eat as long as it does not require to much chewing.  He had fish for the first time (halibut) and loved it.  He has yet to reject anything

Sleeping - The same... still two naps and 12 hours at night... but he is definitely getting more opinionated when you lie him down for his naps.  I am not sure if he is trying to work it down to one nap or if he is more mobile now so he likes to cruise around the bed for about 15 min. before he goes to sleep.  I am hoping that we keep the two naps for a couple more months... only time will tell.

Sounds - Saying Dada and Mama and we believe the first word was Dada... but it usually goes like this Dada Dada Dada Dada.

Best Trait - He is a sweet baby but I still think the best thing about him is how much he loves his daddy and brother.  Either one of them walk into room and the whole world stops spinning.  I love it.

Nick Name - same... Bubby has stuck and Pierce recently gave him a new one... LB for little brother and Pierce's is BB for big brother.

Firsts - Crawling... he is on all fours now... really not moving around really fast and still takes a few blows to the face every now and then... but I am not really encouraging the crawling so it could be my fault.  Also Asher got a walker and is cruising in it around the house.  Loves to chase his brother but at times get confused with backwards and forwards.  And if he gets stuck in a room and can't see anyone he gets mad.  Also Asher got his two front teeth this past month.  Kids always look so much older with the two front teeth so it is a happy/sad moment.  Asher can now clap and loves it when he realizes he is doing it all by himself... such a big boy.

Updates - Teeth... wow... we got a lot of new teeth... we have 4 on the bottom and the two front on top have broken the skin and the ones next to them look like they are coming any day.  Asher has really felt this round of teeth... he has been really telling us all about it (in his own way), including a lot of drool, snot, ear tugging, complaining and even the runs.

Big Brother:  The other night we were having dinner and I said "Bubba I love you" and Pierce did not say anything back... I asked him if he heard me and he said yes and I thought you were talking to Asher.  I said Asher is bubby and you are bubba right?  Pierce then told me I need to say it to Bubby so he does not feel jealous.

Memorable moment:  The night of Asher's 10 month marker he was in the ER... a brief visit when I drove out of the parking lot the computer told me I had only been there for 29 minutes... 29 minutes to park, walk, check in, get a short vital, see the doctor, leave, walk, drive out of parking garage... 29 min... man that is efficiency at its finest... oh well I am sure you are asking why were we at the hospital... well at bath time... daddy was in charge and put Asher in the tub with water and instructed big brother to watch him (to make sure he did not hurt himself) while Daddy went to sit on the toilet (which was only 3 feet away).  Well you can imagine what comes next... yes Asher tries to stand up, brother panics and tries to get him to sit down (softly) but then Asher slips and goes under water, daddy comes running off the toilet to save the day.  After a few tears and some coughs we think all is well, until I give Asher a bottle and the kid is out cold (a sleep).  Even brother and daddy come to say goodnight which usually gets Asher all excited but tonight there was just rolling of the eyes into the back of the head.  So I put him in bed and nothing... no crawling, no chatting, just out... so we get on google (which is never a good idea) and we start reading about all the TERRIBLE things that could happen if a child gets water in their lungs and one symptom is extreme tiredness... So Blake gave me the look and said lets take him to the doctor... so we did... and the hospital was fabulous... great service.. in and out and it was FREE... and the best news... Asher was fine.

Here are some pics of Asher at 10 mos...

This is a new face... love it... 

Disclaimer:  I took these pics a little later than his 10 month marker and he got a couple more teeth since then and now... but I just had to add this picture... just imagine him with only two teeth on top.

Here's that face again.... 

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Renee Westcott said...

The ER thing is scary and crazy. I would have worried too after looking online. Glad he was just a sleepy boy.


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