Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Hash fun...

More Hash fun... these pics are from other hashers and not so great quality but some of the pics will give you a good taste of the adventures we have on the hashes... can't wait to share these fun times with our visitors coming soon...
At the start of the Hash the whole group is usually together.. it takes about 20-30 min to start showing the fast vs. the slow.

This next picture will show you just how steep some of the trails are that we go on... this one in particular I spent a lot of time on my bottom... Pierce would start to fall down the hill and then I would join him... but we made it and laughed a lot.

This was the last Hash we went on... where Blake and Pierce got their 10 Hash badge.  When you get in the circle the ones in the circle are asked to sing a song.  Pierce choose to sing "Low by Flo Rida"

Great job Sweaty Mule and Scout Boy!

Don't worry baby Asher, you will get your 10 badge soon... what song will you sing?

Just a little stroll along the rice terrace... 

On this particular Hash, our group of 5 got lost... lost like by 30+ minutes.  Here are our pics of the group cheering us in... they were sweet to wait on us.

 This was a really cool and sad part of the hike... we went through an old forest fire spot.  You could tell it had been some time bc of the new foliage coming up from the ground but all the trees were dead and this area seemed to go on forever... it was a really good lesson for Pierce and telling him the importance of fire safety in the woods.
 Some fun family hikes... memories that will last a lifetime.

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