Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ulsan Spring Festival

The Spring Festival was our first "outing" last year when we arrived and we had a great time... meeting people and being in the sun but not sweating... and this year was even better.  Having been here a year now we knew a lot more people and got to hang with friends and let the kids play... it was a blast.. and this year we were team read (a lot better than last years yellow)... 

First race belongs to the kids... check this out and you know the community plate at the end always makes me gag.
In the kids race this year Pierce got a bubble blower... Asher loved it.

And we have surrogate grandparents... they miss their grandkids and we miss our grandparents so it is a win win for all... And Asher and Greg are really cute together.

The infamous people toss... it is a wonder how no one gets major hurt during this race... wow

Asher took all of his naps just like this... my little bubbie... could eat him up.

My big boys getting ready for the three legged race... and this is daddy trying not to get annoyed at me as I am begging him to remember that Pierce is 6 and has shorter legs than him and to please not rip off his leg or break it in the process of trying to win.

A video to see how they did...
Our friend Megan is here for work and she is alone since her fiance is back in Texas... she is a fellow Aggie so we have adopted her as our own.

Friends... our husbands are all on different projects hence the different colors... but we didn't let that stop us from hanging out most of the day.

Blake leading some relay group...

Asher is not so happy here... forget what was happening but I am sure he got over it.

You remember the race that grossed me out... yeah we did it again this year... 

We just noticed that Asher was getting his top teeth... wow...

A great day in the sun... with friends... looking forward to next year.

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