Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Condo Living!

It has been awhile since I have lived in an apartment/condo but I never realized how much I missed about it until we got here... Here in Singapore they call these places condos (not sure why the difference... maybe BC you can purchase them)... but they are just like apartments back home... Bigger, taller... but the same.

We do love it here and there are some things that we miss about our house back home but these are the things that we love about being in a condo:

People always around

Close Neighbors

Great Pool

Great playground (see the pictures)

Kind Staff office

Lots of amenities (game room, party room, movie room, ladies locker room, men's locker room)

Condo Bus

Security (Guards, camera)

Elevator (makes for great entertainment for Pierce)

Great view

Recycling and Trash made easy

Did I mention Neighbors (you know me I love people... and like to have alot of people around)


Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

You forgot to mention NO LAWNS TO MOW! Condo living definitely has its advantages. But so do homes....especially homes in Texas. Hee Hee. I got caught up on your blog. Love the pics of PD Bird. He's soo cute. The haircut looks great. You are lucky that you have a kid that sits through the electric razor. I've heard many a freak-out story over that. He's soo good!

SheridanLeftwich said...

I think I would enjoy condo living, too. Oh and Beck and Hogan both brake out every time they eat ranch. The good thing is the reaction only lasts about an hour. So they still eat ranch regularly. We have gotten use to it.


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