Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ViVi and Grandad have arrived!

My parents have arrived safe and sound... they arrived at midnight on Monday (Tuesday morning) and we have been going full speed since they have arrived... I wanted you to see a couple of pictures of their arrival... this is a long one but I thought some of you would enjoy the pictures.

Blake meet them at the airport with this sign... this picture was taken back home when they got here and they all hid behind the poster just like Blake did at the airport. So cute.
Pierce was not able to see my parents when they first got here bc he was a sleep for the night but the next morning when he woke up and saw them... this is what they got... a huge smile.
And lots of kisses.

Of course my parents came bearing gifts... one bc we are spoiled and two some of them were for our wedding anniversary... and three were just bc I asked. Here my Grandmother sent some of here homemade bread and my mom brought some corn tortilla's (can't find them here). Thank you (Great) Grandma.

Here are all the bags of goodies... just think how long this blog would be if I took pictures of everything.

Pierce wanted this tiger at the FTW zoo the first time my parents took him there... so they brought it for him and he loves it.

All excited to open up his baseball toy... can hardly wait.

More toys... playing with Grandad has been so much fun... they are truly buddies.
Dresses and shoes (my first Reef's) for mom.
Clothes and shoes (his first pair of Reef's) for Pierce.
And for Dad (first pair of Reef's). Are we spoiled are what... it is like Christmas in August.

Mom made it the first half of the day and then she had to take a nap (she did so good that night but taking a nap is a huge no no for jet lag... but she handled it well and sleep that night).

This is Pierce playing with his new toy... it is a blow up ball and bat and stand... Pierce knows how to balance the ball on the stand and swing... the white fuzzy object in the picture is the ball and the green fuzzy object is the bat... maybe baseball will be his sport.

We had asked my parents to bring us a new stroller... I saw this one here in Singapore and it was so much cheaper in the states that they picked it up for us and brought it over as luggage... we are so excited to use it and Pierce crawls in it all day to go for a ride.

After we had all of fun inside... Grandad took Pierce on a walk around the condo. If you look real close you can see Pierce talking on the phone... to his mommy of course.

Stay tuned for more.


Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!! I looks like you're having such a blast with your parents!!! I love the dresses they brought you...too cute!! Pierce looks so sweet, and so excited to see his grandparents. I'm sure they have missed him so much! Have a blast in Thailand!!! I can't wait to see your pics!!!

Jenny Wims said...

What a great post...I loved all the pictures and descriptions. How wonderfully exciting to have your parents there for a visit. I know you are THRILLED to have them there with you. Thanks for sharing the excitement with us!


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