Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Security System!

One day Pierce was really quiet and hunched over in the corner... so I went to check on what he was doing... you never know when they are quiet... RIGHT. I grabbed the camera bc this was hilarious... the things he gets in the heads and does... cracks me up... He had taken all of his plastic animals and lined them up against the sliding glass door... I told him that I think that would make a great security system... I would be afraid!

He sat down to tell me all about what he had done... in his own chinsinglish (that is a mixture or Chinese, singlish, and English).

Wouldn't you be terrified...

Look mom this is the mama... he calls the monkey "mama"... not sure if mama is the monkey or if the monkey is the mama... or if mama means monkey in Malaysian... HE HE HE


SheridanLeftwich said...

I love all the little things the kids do that are so random. At times I get frustrated, but I know I will miss them when they are all grown up.

Landry Land said...

How cute. Those little animals provide hours of interesting fun don't they? and they would make a great security system, have you stepped on one?OUCH!


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