Friday, August 15, 2008

Daily Moments of Pierce!

We have some daily moments in our house that I would like to share with you... bath time and snack time.

Bath time has always been with Daddy and I know it is something that they both look forward to every night... if Pierce had it his way (at this stage that he is in)... Dad would give him a bath and mom would be in eye shot at all times... but even when Blake needs to work late and I give Pierce his bath... it is just not the same... I hear them all the time having so much fun with each other... Blake doesn't just sit on the outside and watch his son have fun... he gets in... he sits on the edge of the tub with his feet in the water and they get enjoy that time together... I hear squeals, screams, laughter, hiccups (from laughing to much), ready set go (that means the water is about to dumped on his head), YEAH (that means he threw the ball in the net) and the occasional cry (which means they were having so much fun someone slipped and bumped his head. They do have so much fun in that tub... I had to show you just one of the many things they do... I think Pierce put this is on his own head.

Pierce has been feeling under the weather lately (the stuff is going around here)... that is why there is a long face but when he wakes up from his afternoon nap he sits in his chair and has a snack... when I was little the lady that kept me always had us sit on the ground in the kitchen and have snack and then we had to throw our cup in the sink... our kitchen is to small in the condo so I got Pierce a chair that he can sit in and we are still working on the sink thing... he throws everything in there but his dishes...


Christina said...

How cute is he sitting on that chair eating his snack. They are so adorable when they are feeling a little sickly. Don't you want to just eat him up?

Anonymous said...

Bath time...ooohhhh the excitement of bath time. It's so cool that Pierce and Blake have one on one time...I always see it as such a blessing that my husband's work allows me to stay home, and feel bad sometimes for the things he it's super great when they get to take over and see all the wonderful things we get to see all precious. Love to ya'll from the big "D" ~Nancy Jenkins


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