Friday, August 1, 2008

Care Package from the Carrs!

These are our friends Mark and Lisa... I could not find a good picture of Brooklyn but there will plenty of pictures of her on the blog in Oct. when they come and visit.

Ok... there is a story that goes with this care package so there are lots of pictures... The care package was unexpected and we should have been sending them a package bc it was there daughters 2nd birthday. Instead we got a package that said:
" We wanted Pierce to feel included in Brooklyn's 2nd birthday. In order to do that and get the whole effect, Pierce must open his gift box in order.
1) Open Invitation
2) Dress in pool attire
3) Play in pool with toys
4) Eat party snacks
5) Get party favor (towel)
6) Change into clothes.
Everything for him to feel like he's back in Texas at the pool party in included. Enjoy"
And enjoy is what we did... Lisa is very creative and she does know how to make every occasion special and she knows how to throw a party... we had so much fun and we weren't even there for the real thing but we had our own party for Brooklyn here.

Thanks Mark, Lisa and Brooklyn for making our day special and for including us in your daughters birthday party... we wish we could have been there with you.

Here Pierce is doing step 1 and opening his invitation... if you can see he has already started playing with the goodies in the background.

I showed him Brooklyn's picture that they sent and said we were going to her party and this is the look I got... "Get our of here mom... that is so cool".

Thought he would have some snacks before the big party.

Step 2.... ready to go... I love the flip flops... and when Blake saw the shorts he said those look just like a pair that Mark has... HE HE HE

This is how Pierce gets in the pool... he wanted to go swimming with his shoes on or mom was to slow to take them off.

Step 3 ... playing in the water with his toys.

Dad always tries to get Pierce to play Frisbee with him... so I had to get an action shot.

Mom... I am having so much fun.
Daddy throwing me in the air.
Step 5... got my party favor... thanks for the towel.
Step 4 and Step 6... got my snacks (again) and got my new dry clothes on... I love the shoes and hat... so cute. Thanks a million.
Last step... there were some pajamas included with sharks on them.... so of course we had to get a picture before bed time... with his book and his party toys.
We had so much fun taking all these pictures... and we hope the Brooklyn feels like we were there with her... we can not wait to see you guys.

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Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

What a cute idea!!! And I thought I was creative!!!


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