Thursday, July 31, 2008

The only way to go to the movies... Gold Class!

Blake and I have always enjoyed going to the movies... this was always a treat for me and my dad growing up so it only seems fitting to continue this tradition with Blake... The new Batman movie came out and Blake had to go see it... we went on one of our date nights with our friends... and we got to see the movie in the infamous "Gold Class"... we had heard alot about Gold Class... like you can order drinks and food while watching the movie, they will refill your popcorn for you, and you get to sit in these lazy boy recliners... well I will let the pictures tell you the rest... but this is the ONLY way to watch a movie.
Here is the entrance... Marble and Glass doors and several attendants to greet you.
Here is the bar outside... just in case you were waiting on the movie to start.
Here are the chairs... and they give you blankets... they recline completely flat and are so comfortable... I asked Blake if we could sleep here tonight?
Here are our friend Tracy and Neil... this was before all the food came.
Our friends Wendi (Pierce's girlfriend) and Frank... I forgot to tell you that the chairs vibrate from the sound of the movie.... so cool (very loud).
You know who this is...I was prepared with my pants and jacket... did not know they gave you blankets... and just to let you know the Batman movie was awesome... my favorite this year for sure.


Landry Land said...

Oh my! that looks like the ONLY way to go the movies.

J Katy Garner said...

that is awesome!!! Maybe one day CS will build an awesome movie theater like that ; )

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

THAT is DA BOMB! Why don't they do that here?


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